Basement Mold

Most cases of mold start in wet basements. Basement mold means your house is unhealthy. Prevent mold and stop it before it is destructive. Starting in the basement, if you smell mold and mildew you have mold. Dehumidify the basement. Be careful when using the basement to store things especially paper and books. Here are tips to keep you basement mold free.

1. Basement Mold occurs naturally because basements are warm, dark and damp, the perfect environment for mold growth. Keep it on the dry side to avoid problems.

2. Leaks occur due to groundwater pressure on the foundation.

3. Mold growth occurs within 24 to 48 hours of water intrusion.

4. Dirt crawl spaces transpire and produce mold growth. Cover area with plastic sheeting and use a crawlspace dehumidifier.

5. Some basements flood with heavy rain. Homeowners need to dry out the basement quickly. If still wet, expect mold growth within 24 to 48 hours.

6. Ground sloping towards the foundation can cause mold. Slope away from the foundation.

7. Landscaping should not slope toward the foundation.

8. Keep downspouts from pointing water towards the foundation.

9. No carpeting in the basement. There is no way to keep a basement dehumidified enough to stop mold in basement carpeting.

10. Water droplets on basement pipes are sign of high humidity. Wrap them.

11. Vent dryer to the outside.

12. Keep basement ventilated. Use fans to keep air moving.

13. Keep doors open in basement rooms. Closed rooms create the perfect environment for mold growth: warm, dark and damp.

14. Prevent mold by constantly running a basement dehumidifier. Prevent and stop mold by lowering humidity to 50%, It cannot grow at that humidity level.

15. Most common place to find mold is the basement according to the National Institute of Health.

16. People need to equate moldy basements with an unhealthy home.

17. Dirt crawl spaces transpire and need covered with heavy plastic. Use of a crawl space dehumidifier is necessary.

Preventing mold is not an option. Every house needs a dry basement well ventilated preferably with a basement dehumidifier running. Lowering moisture is key to preventing mold. Dehumidify the basement. With 1 out of 2 homes/buildings having water intrusion according to the National Institute of Health, these buildings probably have mold also. This means that everyone runs into moldy buildings whether one realizes it or not. Mold loves warm, dark and damp places. What we can control more than anything else is the amount of moisture in the air.

Mold can ruin health, home and possessions. While it can start in the basement, it can move on to the rest of the home. All one has to do is open the door.

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