Man Cave Garage

The garage is the man’s domain. The garage makes a great place to create a Man Cave. Yes the garage Man Cave is not in the basement, but you can still call it a cave. If you do not have a basement to convert into a Man Cave then look at the garage. The garage is a great place to create your own area if you are into cars or motorcycles or tools.

Cars Are My Passion

The Man Cave does not have to be all about sports and a big screen TV. What if you are passionate about fixing up cars? Well then you need to create a space for you to work on cars with all the tools and necessary equipment. Remember Home Improvement and Tim Allen’s character who was always working on some old car. This was a Man Cave garage.

Tim Allen used to go out there and talk about manly stuff to his friends, children and wife. This was his domain because it was his special area of the house. Consider how you can create the garage into your own area. Inviting your friends over to help fix up an old Chevy or Ford is a great way to spend a weekend afternoon.

Motorcycles Are My Passion

American Chopper has created a whole new culture of motorcycle riding and design. Men have always liked to create their own special motorcycle. The most popular being a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. A Harley is probably one of the most customized bikes out on the road today. Men and even women like to create their own one of kind paint job and detailing on their Harley.

The detailing of your Harley is why you need a Man Cave garage. Harley owners need a space where they can work on their bikes. The garage is the ideal place where someone will have enough space. I have been to my friend’s garage that has all the necessary tools to work on his bike. In addition is always looking at how to add something special to his bike.

His garage is his special space. He will spend hours out there during the summer tinkering with his bike. The most important part of his garage would be all his tools. The tools are what make his garage special. This leads to the final passion: Tools.

Tools Are My Passion

There is something about men and tools. The obvious place to display and work with the tools is the garage. Once again Tim Allen’s Home Improvement was all about the tools. Tim Allen always wanted to work with some great new tool.

Tools are broad category because tools can be for repairing cars or motorcycles. Tools can also be for working with wood to create a wood table or cabinet. Displaying all your tools is the heart of the Man Cave decor. Would you ever have your tools just thrown about and stored haphazardly? Of course not because your tools are very important.

The Garage a Great Option

The Man Cave garage is a great option if the basement is not available. The consideration for the theme is your passion. If you are not into sports, but really like tools and cars then the garage is the ideal spot for a Man Cave garage.

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